The Iranian nuclear deal

Well, this topic is not included in the agenda of my blog – but let’s use the fact that the search word “nuclear” sometime leads to this blog. You can find in this post one Israeli person’s opinion about the deal.

Recently, many writers in United States claim that the “Israelis” object the new deal with Iran. Some say 70% of the Israelis, some say ALL the Israelis.

Therefore, I wish to let you know that:

– I think that the deal is quite good, and it is much better than no deal.
– All the people I know share the same opinion. You are correct – my friends and colleagues perhaps do not represent the majority of Israel, but the fact that none of them prefers “no deal” instead of the current deal should mean something.
– I believe that without this deal Israel would be in a great danger even in 2015.
– I believe that canceling this deal will put Israel in a great danger.

That’s all. So if someone wants to speak for “all of us”, including my prime minister, please know that many many people do not agree with him. One interesting thing is that generally, most of the “talkbacks” in our online journals, including “Haaretz”, are from the right wing. However, in the online paper Haaretz, the talkbacks in this case are almost united in favour of the deal, and against our prime minister. So please note that I am not the only one who thinks that Netanyahu behavior is destructive for the security of Israel.

Best wishes
Ofer Comay


2 thoughts on “The Iranian nuclear deal

  1. It is a matter of ” Because you don’t want me to have it or are stopping me to have it . I WANT IT” !!! It is a question of National pride if nothing else. Iran ” Persia” as I would call it has not invaded any country in the recent past. Or Occupied any country or colonised any country. I am a Hindu Indian Diaspora born in Colonial East Africa and have no particular axe to grind. Having said that I fail to understand the debate about Iranian Nuclear issue. I also think it s a matter of the old saying ” If you want Peace prepare for war.”
    Having said all that I feel that the current middle East situation is a direct result of Colonial policies of major European powers and American Paranoia in securing or having control of Oil to satisfy their over consumption and use of the precious commodity. Their energy use is unsustainable in the long term.
    Israel’s fear is understandable. ! They are the only people who have developed their country with limited natural resources in their new & Historic Homeland . They actually missed a great opportunity in the late 60’s & 70’s when the Oil prices shot up and filled the coffers of the Arab oil producers who had no plan or vision to develop their country with the new found wealth. Israel could ( with the expertise of western experts) to lead the development of the middle east …instead it all went for unnecessary grand projects and Arms Race.
    Having said all the above the region ( and many parts of the globe) are not addressing the issue of the most precious resource of our world. “WATER”. The issue of water in the Middle East ( including Israel is serious.
    And the powers to be including the ivory tower of the UN is not doing very much towards addressing the problem that is going to surface in the next 2 decades….with diabolical consequences .!! I am from the lush
    country of East Africa and we have water distribution problem ….with added problem of Industrial Pollution..

    All in all there are too many more important issues than the Nuclear issue of Iran to worry about….Earth is just ONE Biosphere with finite resources ( like a spaceship). You would not like it if someone decimated all oxygen making plants in this spaceship or polluted the air supply or poisoned the habitat…in the spaceship…
    Let us leave for the future generation the conditions in this spaceship of humankind as we were born in to it.
    If you cannot improve it and make it better than don’t screw it up and make matters difficult for the future generation. Leave a good legacy please.


    • Thank you for your comment. Things were changed during the recent 20-30 years, and the only problem we have here is religion wars. We are OK (now) with water and oil for quite a long time…

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