This web site describes the deficiencies characterizing QCD, a theory which constitutes a part of the Standard Model, and provides an alternative model, explaining experimental results in a more natural and simple way.

We recommend following the order below when reading the articles. Physicists may skip the “terminology” page that does not provide new ideas. However, all the other articles, in spite of being written in a popular style, do contain new and innovative material.

An invitation to solve a mystery
– Background
– Liquid drop model
– Cutoff
– The uniform density of atomic nuclei
– The first EMC effect
– The similarity between van-der-Waals potential graph and the strong nuclear force graph
– List of experimental findings that will be discussed
Comay model vs. the Standard Model
– Comparison between the Standard Model and Comay’s model
– Basic terms in quantum mechanics
What Theories Say
– Basics of Comay’s theory
– QCD basics
Magnetic Monopoles
– Why photon interacts strongly with protons and neutrons
– Why photon interacts similarly with protons and neutrons
– Why VMD model does not explain these results
– Dirac monopoles
– Comay monopoles
– How photon-nucleon interactions are explained in Comay model
More about Magnetic Monopoles
– Magnetic axial dipole
– Electric axial dipole
– The tensor force in the deuteron
– Explanation to this phenomenon
More Proofs to Repulsive Forces in the Proton
– Why antiquark resides in the proton periphery
– Why negative charge in the neutron resides in the neutron periphery
Prediction Failures of the Standard Model
– Dibaryons
– Glue balls
– Pentaquarks
– Strange quark matter
There is Something Else Inside the Proton
– Why pp cross section proves the existence of massive nuclei inside the proton
Baryon Radius is too Large
– How the relation between baryon radius and meson radius are explained in Comay model
Simple Mass Calculation
– How baryon and meson masses are explained in Comay model
Wigner, Racah and the Three Quarks
– Explaining Omega Minus and Delta++
– Explaining the Proton Spin Crisis
Asymptotic Freedom and Confinement
– Explaining asymptotic freedom and confinement
– Why mesons are not confined inside the nucleons
– Three jet experiment
– What are the parts that are not challenged by Comay model
Strong CP problem
– Conservation laws in Comay model
– Explaining strong cp problem
Which Theory is Better?
– Why Comay model explains experimental results better
– Why Comay model is built on better basis
He doesn’t believe in the Boson
– About the search after the Higgs
Why the Higgs Cannot Exist
– Why Yukawa equation is wrong
– Why Klein Gordon equation is wrong
– Why Higgs cannot exist
– A comment about W and Z bosons
Summary of Comay Model
– Several predictions, most of them contradict the standard model
Challenge to physicists
– Find experimental results that contradict Comay’s model or QCD
– Yukawa particle equation
– A problem with gauge in electrodynamics


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